Patrik von Arx, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Patrik von Arx

Patrik von Arx studied Business Economics and gained many years of experience in the finance sector. He is a proven project management specialist.

Milestones of his professional career:

UBS AG, Director Global Asset Management
KPMG, Manager Operational Restructuring
Zurich Financial Services, Product Manager Investment Funds
Managing Director of VAREM AG since December 2009



Felix Egloff, Member of the Board of Directors

Felix Egloff studied Physics at the ETH Zurich and received a PhD in Economics. He has been active in diverse management level positions of international companies for many years and worked in Germany, France, Sweden, Armenia and Switzerland.

His fields of expertise are engineering and the financial sector.






Timo Scherer, Member of the Board of Directors

Timo Scherer has many years of experience as site and project manager in structural engineering.


BSc Construction Engineering (honours)
Industrial Engineer, Construction (Dipl. / FH)
MAS UZH in Real Estate




Stefan T. Sziwek, Managing Director

Stefan Sziwek is a graduate engineer (Dipl. / FH) for process and environmental technologies.

He is an experienced project manager for plant constructions in the energy, waste water and biogas sector.

In 2012, he established GreenTech GmbH.

Today, he is the Managing Director of both VAREMTech AG and GreenTech GmbH.



Bertrand J. Schutz, Managing Director

Bertrand Schutz
Bertrand J. Schutz studied agriculture in Toulouse, France, and then attended the ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. He gained many years of experience in the field of recycling and established the European Battery Recycling Association – EBRA – which he led from 2004 to 2010.

Milestones of his professional career:

Sales Manager in the battery and electronic waste recycling industry
Managing Director of recycling companies, e.g. for recycling of batteries, catalysts or metalliferous wastes
Project development (recycling) in an important metallurgical group
Expert for raw material recycling, European Commission