Management der VaremTech



In 2017, the Swiss company VAREM AG and the German GreenTech GmbH decided to cooperate and focus on recycling and renewable energy production. Thus, VAREMTech AG with its headquarters in Basel was founded.

Renewable energy production and a better use of renewable resources are significantly contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Even though state funding varies greatly from one country to another, if the concept and planning is done wisely, a project to produce renewable energy from biomass and wastes is always a profitable investment on a local, national or global level.

Ultimate Recycling Solutions

With our projects, we would like to contribute to a better use of organic wastes. Too often, wastes are just landfilled or incinerated instead of being valorised. With our projects we can help to reduce CO2 emissions and protect our environment for future generations.

The skills of our team range from financing to project development and execution to biomass projects for the agricultural and industrial sector.

Visit our Technology section to find out more about how we suggest to produce energy from wastes and biomass.